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Gale Scott
Worcester, MA

Gale Scott was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1972. At an early age he was interested in the visual arts. Gale enrolled in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. He took electives in glass, metals, and wood, and increasingly found his interest to be in making “one of a kind” objects, rather than in design. While he had the credits to graduate from any of three programs, Gale chose to get his BFA from the Metals department, because it offered him the most freedom to use other mediums.


Among the processes he explored in Metals, Gale found particular interest in copper electroforming. The organic results of this process lead to further investigation of plant forms and textures. Gale began to combine copper electroforming with glass by blowing glass into copper shells and by casting glass around copper inclusions. Gale graduated from the Metals department in 1996, and returned for another year of study at the U of I in the Glass Department, funded by an assistantship working for Professor William Carlson.


In the fall of 1997, Gale set up a small studio in Chicago and worked part time at the Chicago Center for Glass Studies, which offers accredited courses through the Art Institute of Chicago. Gale was accepted to the Master of Fine Arts program at the Massachusetts College of Art for the fall semester of 1999.


As a graduate student, Gale co-taught two introductory glassblowing classes with Professor Dan Dailey, and Susan Holland. Having expanded the use of materials in his work, he sought to create environments for the viewer containing systems of interconnected objects. For his thesis show in the spring of 2001, Gale made a sound installation of resonant objects. The installation consisted of an antennae and a series of resonant glass speakers which broadcasted noise on satellite frequencies into the gallery.


Gale presently maintains his own studio in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has taught at Simple Syrup Glass Studio in Brockton, Massachusetts. Gale also worked as the Preparator's Assistant at The David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University and monitored the sculpture studio at the University. He is the Glass Department Director at the Worcester Center for Crafts' New Street Glass Studio. Gale shows with Chappell Gallery in New York and Boston.